1) Prove Your Marketing

Even though buyers are increasingly finding their homes online, open houses are still important. We had 490 transactions in 2018, and we’re completing 1,000 transactions in 2019.

There are some who will disagree with me here; some real estate books argue that open houses are obsolete — but that has not been our experience. We’re on the cutting edge of digital marketing, yet our open houses are still one of our best lead sources. Our agents host open houses all over the DMV every weekend.

Holding an open house is especially important during the first few weeks of a new listing.

Holding another open house is a good idea if you adjust the home’s price.

90% percent of buyers first find their house online. But that’s only where they initially see the home! Buyers still need to see a property in person after finding it online.

2) Market Smartly and Tirelessly

One of the keys to having great open houses is to have a great online presence. Our team for instance pays tons and tons of money every month to have outstanding advertising and placement online.

We work tirelessly for great SEO for our websites; we are premier agents on Zillow; we invest heavily in marketing on Facebook and Instagram; and we utilize AdWord searches and social media ads. So our online advertising is second to none.

Make sure you have that kind of marketing for your open houses, and you will see turnout.

3) Use Well-Designed, Clear Signage

Your visibility through signage is also extremely important. It needs to be extremely obvious and attractive to catch people’s attention. Put directional signs at busy intersections and places where people walk by. Every weekend our office is full of balloons for our agents’ open house events.

If the property is a condo building or a house that has some type of guarded access or security box, you’ll want to make sure that you or your representative have contact information and instructions so that people aren’t stuck outside the building, and you will easily know how to dial the agent and get access. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to get there.