When pictures of a suburban house in Philadelphia started popping up in real estate social media circles, I kept scrolling. It looked like a normal five-bedroom home with a red brick exterior.

Finally, someone else posted a photo of the home’s interior alongside the exterior shot, and then it finally clicked why everybody was talking about this property.

That unassuming house outside of Philadelphia included a private adult wing with a lot of custom kinky furniture and equipment: whips, chains, swings, stocks, the works. The MLS listing stated that the adult wing could be converted to a more conventional space if the buyer desires.

So after my initial surprise, as a professional I wondered: How would I handle this property if I were the listing agent?

I believe including the photos of the adult wing was an intentional, strategic move to get more attention for the house, and it worked. The pictures of this home’s private adult wing got a lot of attention in their MLS and beyond.

I don’t know if the lesson here is that we need to start setting up kinky scenes in our homes or what, but in my opinion the listing agent did right by their client by being non-judgmental and  getting the most attention possible for the listing. The home went viral! Attention sells. Could this be a business opportunity for an innovative new staging company? Hehe!  

The listing’s more provocative photos did get taken down from its local MLS, but now that everyone has heard of the “50 Shades House,” does it matter that those pictures were taken down? Was this home listed in February, the month of Valentine’s Day, on purpose or by chance?

Oh, and one last thing before we wrap up this topic: apparently the home is currently renting for $950 per night on AirBnB. It appears that the house was booked for 23 nights in February.

What do you think — was this a savvy marketing move? If this seller approached you to sell their home, would you also decide to include the kinky interior photos?

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