During our first-ever Hyperfast Sales Bootcamp event, Keri Shull and Billy Gene held an exclusive Q&A lunch after the seminar.

One of the questions posed to Keri and Billy at their Q&A was: “How do you balance time between personal development, family, friends, strategy, and sales?

Keri and Billy both had valuable advice in response to this question.

Billy Gene responded that nothing matters if sales aren’t coming in, so early on you need to master sales to build a foundation.

Keri’s response was that she finds personal development programs invaluable to her ongoing success. “I’m having my third baby,” Keri said, “and when I was expecting my first baby, we walked on fire.”

Keri likened these personal development programs to getting oxygen on an airplane. “If you don’t get your oxygen first, you can’t help anybody else,” she said. Keri has three coaches in her life right now, and sees even her nanny as an investment in her business.

Billy and Keri both experienced stages of their lives when their businesses were their lives — because they were grinding away at building momentum in their businesses.

“If you need to raise your hourly rate so that you can hire things out and delegate, build your skills! Roll up your sleeves and practice. Doctors don’t get to just enter the profession immediately and start making money. They have to go get those skills,” Billy Gene said.

Are you inside the Inner Circle?

All areas of life are interconnected. Building a life you love requires a balance of lifelong learning, sales, meaningful time with family and friends; and personal development. Personal development can get you more sales. More sales can buy you more time with the people and the pastimes you most enjoy. Time away from the office can give you creative insights into your work life. And so on.  

If you’re not signed up yet for the Inner Circle, we want to see you there! We want to be in your corner to help you create the life and the business of your dreams.