Build a Business That Supports Your Work/Life Balance

Many people will tell you that it’s impossible to build a successful business and have good work/life balance at the same time. Yet the more our business grows, the better my work/life balance has become.

The only way to ensure that you can spend time with your family is to build that time into your own life. Growing your business allows you to delegate tasks to people with extraordinary talent while you apply your own time where it’s best spent.

I’ve organized my business so that the time I spend on it is as efficient and impactful as possible.

I cut out tasks in my life that I don’t need to be doing. It’s impossible to have time for everything, so build a team that you can trust to accomplish the tasks you no longer need to do.

Delegating tasks is not neglecting your duties — it’s valuing your time and bringing on the right people for a job. Don’t let yourself miss out on valuable time that should be spent with your family, spent on personal growth, or even just spent enjoying what you worked so hard to earn.

To run my team right now takes about 15 hours a week — and I am typically out of town traveling for about four months out of the year. When I have a baby, I go on maternity leave for five to six months. I’m in a position to take that time and help the people on my team succeed on a massive level. After one year on my team, the average income is over $250,000.

Examine your beliefs about time and money, and ask yourself: “is this accurate, or is this just a limiting belief? Is this something I need to break through to get to the next level of success? Because I’m telling you, I’m making a significant amount of money, and I have incredible work/life balance, because I break through my own limiting beliefs.

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