Want to Dominate Your Real Estate Market? Be Relentless

One of the habits that has served me well throughout my real estate career (and life) is committing myself to being a lifelong learner. I recently read Tim Grover’s book, Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable. If you have not read it I highly suggest it. Grover trained NBA greats such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade. He has worked with dozens more. In Relentless, he shares what he has learned by from working with champions performing at the highest levels for nearly three decades.

Coolers, Closers and Cleaners

Grover details three types of athletes that he came across: coolers, closers and cleaners, which to him were analogous to good, great and unstoppable. Coolers are good, but limited in their role. Circumstances typically drive their action and if asked to fill a specific role they can and will step up from time to time. They do not have the same drive and focus as others do to become better. Closers are great, but not unstoppable. They have drive. They relish stepping up in the spotlight. However, too often much of their drive comes from the desire to gain attention, praise and awards. They are not great. Cleaners are great. They have an internal drive that coolers do not have and that closers only show glimpses of having. Cleaners can step up all the time, even when the spotlight is not on them. Awards or praise do not drive them. The drive from cleaners comes from within themselves. They want to see if they can do better than they did the last time, which is why they are never resting as long as they are still playing the game. They have an insatiable desire to get better.

Be a Real Estate Cleaner

If you are looking to dominate a segment of your real estate market you must have a cleaner mentality. Cleaners put on blinders, focus on their goals and avoid distractions. You must do the same with your real estate segment, whether it is a geographic area, members of a group or association, sphere of influence or some other segment. Once you have decided on a target segment avoid taking your focus off it and do what it takes to dominate it. That is how I had such a fast start in my real estate career, as I documented in The HyperLocalHyperFast Real Estate Agent.