Have we noticed a pattern yet of provocateurs grabbing attention by voicing controversial opinions about home ownership?

When I first heard Gary Vee telling his audience that home ownership doesn’t make sense, my first impression was that Gary was copycatting Grant Cardone… which is interesting because Gary and Grant have a bit of a rivalry.

I’ve spent time around both Grant Cardone and Gary Vee. Here’s what I’ve observed about both of them.

Grant and Gary’s Motives

Grant Cardone started grabbing attention with his comments on home ownership before Gary did; and if you look at Grant’s angle it makes sense because Grant wants to own the largest multi-family home portfolio possible and go sell it to Wall Street. Grant wants to be a market disruptor. So it benefits Grant to start telling the public the story “home ownership doesn’t make sense”… because Grant’s a rental king, right?

I don’t know Gary Vee’s angle yet. What I do know is that I just had dinner with Gary recently at Agent2021 and he said he was getting into the residential real estate market. Gary could be a major disruptor to brokerages because he could dominate the real estate game.

I don’t think you’ll really find anybody who earnestly believes that home ownership is going away. I believe that Gary Vee saw that Grant Cardone was getting a lot of attention with his sound bites against home ownership, and Gary knew he could stir up a lot of discussion in the days after his Agent2021 event.

My opinion

My opinion — and I expect many will disagree with me — is that most members of the general population need some structure for savings. If you don’t put them in a house, they’re not going to accumulate the same wealth and they’re not going to end up in the best financial position possible. A home is the only place where you’re getting the return on the total investment and you’re borrowing the money on a super low interest rate.

Say what you want about Gary Vee’s opinions on home ownership, but he’s great at grabbing attention for himself. We applied his advice on social media, personal branding, and brand awareness marketing to real estate and increased our business by 400%. Click here to listen to our podcast interview with Gary Vee!