Did you see Grant Cardone at the World Series in Los Angeles? Did you notice how he leveraged his $40,000 seat into millions of dollars’ worth of free advertising?
In case you missed Grant, he was sitting behind home plate in the front row with his wife Elena. Both sported hats emblazoned with his 10X branding. At critical times during the game Grant held up a small 10X flag; that was very visible and legible. All of this was very visible on the main TV camera throughout most of the game.
For comparison, a 30-second World Series commercial costs around $400,000. Grant got his brand and name on television for many minutes throughout the game, more than any single advertiser. Plus, hundreds of people posted pictures and comments about it on social media. The marketing he got from this could be worth over $10M.
What a genius marketing move! This is the kind of person you need to learn from if you want to generate more leads.
If you want to grow your business and learn how to get this type of strategic leverage, you need to learn from someone who is operating at the top of their game. This is why we are so happy to bring Grant Cardone to DC. He’s one of the best marketers anyone could learn from.
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