Many people read a business book the way that they might watch a movie or a television show: they just let it wash over them.

To get real lasting value out of any real estate books and seminars you invest your time and moeny in, you need to apply what you’re learning. Otherwise, they’re just armchair adventures. A passive reader will just leaf through the book, close the book and return to business as usual. A passive seminar attendee will go home with a few notes that they never revisit.

Reading a business book or attending a training seminar is a great use of time — but only if you:

  • Think about what you're learning
  • Apply those lessons to your business goals
  • Hold yourself accountable and follow through with action

Reading a book or attending a seminar is only the first step. The goal is never to just read a business book! You’re reading that book to find ideas you can implement to attract more leads and close more sales. You’re attending that seminar to connect with new people, learn from great minds, and grow your business.

 That’s why I created a companion workbook for The Hyperlocal Hyperfast Real Estate Agent: I wanted to create a series of step by step assignments, so that agents can think through their own business models and apply my strategies to their own situations.

 In that same spirit of active learning, we worked with the speakers of our Hyperfast Sales Bootcamp to create a workbook for attendees of the live event and the live video stream. This event isn’t going to be a passive experience. We’re going to help you put these ideas to work for yourself. We want you to get great results.

 We do want our hundreds of attendees to enjoy themselves at the Hyperfast Bootcamp, of course. But we don’t just want you to have a good time; we also want to make sure that you are actively learning, and applying what you learn to build your business.

Whether you read a book, attend a seminar, or hire a coach, the goal isn’t entertainment — the goal is to invest in yourself. Learn actively, and act on what you learn.