Sometimes a well-trained, motivated, highly capable agent misses out on a great opportunity. Sometimes this is simply because some other agent — not necessarily a better or more skilled agent, mind you — had a more persuasive bio.

We don’t like to see deserving agents get passed over. In this post we’ll talk about how to write a bio that will have clients reaching for their phones to call you.

Support your claims & build your personal brand

The key thing to remember is that clients and prospects don’t actually read your bio because they’re curious about you; they read your bio because they want to be persuaded that you’re the best agent to help them.

While writing your agent bio, leverage every statistic that you can.

You should also keep your market positioning in mind when writing your bio. The market segments you’re targeting will influence how you frame your skills and experience.

Open a new word processor document or open to a blank notebook page. Begin listing items that you can leverage to win over new clients. Ideas for things to show off include:

  • Your background and other skills, and how they apply to real estate
  • How many years you’ve worked in real estate
  • Which schools did you go to, and what degrees do you hold?
  • Which situations in real estate you specialize in
  • Which areas do you serve? Are you
  • How did you break into a real estate career?
  • Which brokerages have you worked for?
  • How many years you’ve worked in sales, customer service, lending, technology, or marketing positions
  • How many transactions you’ve closed (be sure to keep this number current)
  • Your total volume of real estate sold
  • Your average days on market for listings
  • Which organizations do you belong to?
  • Which states are you licensed in?

Be sure to include as many testimonials as you can. Along with facts and figures, happy client testimonials that touch upon your target market’s needs will provide some of your bio’s most persuasive proof.

You’re never done writing your bio

One last note about writing a bio: your agent bio is never finished. Update it regularly with any new accomplishments, awards, and milestones. If you begin to target a new segment of the market, review your bio to see whether anything in your background should be played up more for your new audience.

Never stop improving, and always leverage your recent accomplishments to reach your next goal.