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We’ve crossed into the first day of spring, the busy season for real estate. It’s slowly warming up here in the DMV, and new things are growing everywhere. In just a few weeks Keri and I will be welcoming baby number three to the world.

Time spent with family and friends is irreplaceable. That’s the goal of growing a business and training a team — so that we can have the flexibility to spend time with the people we love.

I recently spoke on a panel for The National Association of Hispanic Realtors (NAHREP) on the topic of mindset. If you’ve got the right mindset, you’ll have the perseverance to overcome obstacles and find tactics that work. That always comes down to finding a big enough “why” to motivate you.

In this newsletter we’ve got plenty of new tips on mindset, strategy, and tactics for you. Let’s get into it.

4 New Episodes of the Hyperfast Podcast

The HyperFast Podcast just keeps coming! In this roundup you’ll find tips on marketing your real estate business; building a business to leverage your own unique strengths; putting clients first… and you’ll listen in on Grant Cardone and I as we talk business over lunch with Hyperfast Sales Bootcamp attendees.

Episode #11: How Top Real Estate Agents are Driving Successful Businesses (with Billy Gene)

Episode #12: Lab Coat Agents Event Panel Discussion with Keri Shull, Michael Hellickson, and Gabe Cordova

Episode #13 A People Agent Over a Profit Agent with Ricky Carruth

Episode #14 Investment Advice From Grant Cardone

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How Our ISA Team Booked 67 Appointments in 1 Week

I went live in the Inner Circle to give some tips and insights on how our ISA team booked 67 appointments in a single week. Whether you have an ISA on your team or whether you are your own ISA, this is invaluable for getting the most out of your time on the phone.

Watch the video here

Coming Soon: How to Be the Mayor of Your Town

When Keri and I sat down privately with Gary Vee and he taught us how to become the “mayor of our town,” our businesses and lives changed forever.

By executing on what Gary taught us, we quadrupled our business over a 90-day period. In this course, we’ll give you access to that exact, fateful interview with Gary Vee. We’ll walk you through how we executed on this strategy, and we’ll give you videos you can copy.

You will also get behind-the-scenes footage with Billy Gene from Billy Gene is Marketing and learn how to create epic videos of your own!

If you are trying to learn how to use social media in your business… you cannot miss this course! It’s coming soon to HyperFast Academy.

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— Dan and Keri