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Our theme this month is lead generation. We’re taking deep dives into how we generate leads with Facebook ads, open houses, social media, and more!

Here’s what you’ll find below.

  • Are You Making the Most of Your Open Houses?
  • NEW Members-Only Area for Inner Circle content!
  • How to Handle Buyers Discouraged By the Market
  • Create a Neighborhood Spotlight Video
  • HyperFast Podcast Episodes
  • Coming Soon: How to be the Mayor of Your Town

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Are You Making the Most of Your Open Houses?

Open houses, if done right, can be one of your easiest and cheapest lead sources.

Open houses remain one of the largest, most reliable lead sources for our team. We generate 100+ leads per week from Open Houses, and close 5-10% of those leads.

Most agents aren’t given the tools or knowledge they need to successfully convert open house leads. As an agent you need to excel at preparing for, hosting, and following up on your open houses.

I went live on Facebook to break down how our team generates and converts leads with open houses. Topics covered include:

  • How to convert open house attendees who don’t buy the house
  • Common mistakes that can cost you conversions
  • Why paper pen house sign-in still beats digital

A replay of the live stream is available below, and don’t miss our agents’ open house tips in The HyperFast Inner Circle!

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How to Handle Buyers Who Are Discouraged by the Market

Keri went live in The Inner Circle to talk about how to deal with disappointed, discouraged buyers who’ve lost out on a home they wanted. In the live replay, Keri covers:

  • How to set the right expectations for the segment your buyer client is searching in
  • How to help someone who feels priced out of the market
  • How to expand your buyer client’s search criteria

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How Do You Highlight Your Community in Your Advertising?

In the Inner Circle I asked: How do you highlight your community in your advertising?

We encourage our team to create spot light videos to spark interest in local residents of activities or locations they can visit. Assignment: Create a spotlight video for your area and share it with HyperFast Agent!


NEW Episodes of the Hyperfast Podcast

Episode #15: Handling Leads the Right Way (with Matt O’Neill)

This episode with Matt O’Neill will add value to the way that you and your team handle leads, the way you interact with buyers, and even relay some bonus advice that Matt has learned from super real estate agent, Robert Dekanski. Listen here…

Episode #16: Fire, Ready, Aim (with Pat Hiban)

Pat Hiban has sold over 7,000 homes and is the NYT-bestselling author of Six Steps to Seven Figures, the co-founder of GoBundance, and host of the Real Estate Rockstars podcast. Pat Hiban has interviewed over 750 of the best real estate agents and coaches from all over the world. Listen here…

Episode #17: Panel Discussion with Lab Coat Agents

Matt Fagioli moderates a panel discussion with Lisa Archer, COO of Live Love Homes; Keri Shull of The Keri Shull Team; and Brittiny Howard, an agent of 10+ years. Listen in as they discuss running a successful agency, including what you can do to get ahead and what you might be doing that’s holding you back. Listen here…

Episode #18: Building Developer Relationships (with Andrew Greer)

Andrew Greer, one of the top real estate developers in San Diego, talks to your host, Keri Shull, about creating and nurturing relationships with developers like him. You’ll leave this episode with a better understanding of how to build trust and execute multiple transactions with developers. Listen here…

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Coming Soon: How to Be the Mayor of Your Town

When Keri and I sat down privately with Gary Vee and he taught us how to become the “mayor of our town,” our businesses and lives changed forever.

By executing on what Gary taught us, we quadrupled our business over a 90-day period. In this course, we’ll give you access to that exact, fateful interview with Gary Vee. We’ll walk you through how we executed on this strategy, and we’ll give you videos you can copy.

You will also get behind-the-scenes footage with Billy Gene from Billy Gene is Marketing and learn how to create epic videos of your own!

If you are trying to learn how to use social media in your business… you cannot miss this course! It’s coming soon to HyperFast Academy.

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— Dan and Keri