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Continuing with April’s lead generation theme, the Inner Circle is taking deep dives into our lead gen methodsIn this newsletter we’ll talk about bringing in business with “Mayor of Your Town” content, “Christmas Day” expired and withdrawn calling, and door-knocking.

In this newsletter:

  • How we Create the “Mayor of Your Town” Content that 4X’d Our Business
  • Why Wednesday, May 1st is “Christmas Day” for Lead Generation
  • 2 Methods for Approaching Expired & Withdrawn Listings
  • Door-to-Door Marketing isn’t Dead
  • NEW HyperFast Podcast Episodes
  • Coming Soon: How to be the Mayor of Your Town

In this newsletter we’ve got huge updates on members-only Inner Circle content, HyperFast Podcast episodes, and more!

How We Create the “Mayor of Your Town” Content That 4X’d Our Business

Video link:

In the Inner Circle I discussed how we use videos for marketing and branding to deploy the Gary Vee “Digital Mayor” strategy. We get as much engagement on our sponsored posts as the non-sponsored standard posts do in the local newspaper.

In the video above you’ll get a sneak peek of a video going live on a hyperlocal news publication this Saturday.

If you can stick with this style of marketing for a few months, it’s worth it. This kind of ad is for longer-term brand awareness campaigns but it does work with time and repetition. Consistency is key.

We are also about to release an entire course on this topic with behind-the-scenes footage from Gary Vee and Billy Gene.

Learn How to Create “Digital Mayor” Marketing Content Here

Why Wednesday, May 1st is “Christmas Day” for Lead Generation

Christmas Day is May 1. Are you ready?

In the Inner Circle, Richard Yoon from our real estate team explains what “Christmas Day” means in our industry, why it falls on the 1st of every month, and why it’s so important.

How you approach a potential client about their home expiring/withdrawing from the market can make a world of difference in setting the appointment.

If you’re curious to hear real-time examples of how calls to expired and withdrawn listings usually go, you’ll also find some call recordings from our Inside Sales team in the Inner Circle Facebook group.

Prepare for Lead Gen “Christmas Day” Here!

2 Methods for Approaching Expired & Withdrawn Listings

In this video for Inner Circle members, I explain our methods for targeting expired and withdrawn listings. We use 2 methods:

  • The “tugboat” calling method
  • The “lighthouse” marketing method


I’ll also talk about brand awareness techniques that will get expired, withdrawn, and FSBO home sellers to call you for help.

Learn How to Approach Expired & Withdrawn Listings Here!

Inner Circle members also get the scripts we use when calling expired/withdrawn listings! They’re on the HyperFast Academy Inner Circle Content page under Bonus Files > The Expired/Withdrawn Call Script.

Door-to-Door Marketing Isn’t Dead

Hit the streets! Door-to-door marketing isn’t dead and has proved to be another low-cost buyer and seller lead source. Our agent and door-knocking master, Brandon Higgins, will explain his methods for success.

In the Inner Circle Facebook group, members also get an example of one of our leave-behind fliers that you can adapt to any market.

Learn Lead Generation from Our Team’s Master of Door-Knocking Here!

Coming Soon: How to Be the Mayor of Your Town

When Keri and I sat down privately with Gary Vee and he taught us how to become the “mayor of our town,” our businesses and lives changed forever.

By executing on what Gary taught us, we quadrupled our business over a 90-day period. In this course, we’ll give you access to that exact, fateful interview with Gary Vee. We’ll walk you through how we executed on this strategy, and we’ll give you videos you can copy.

You will also get behind-the-scenes footage with Billy Gene from Billy Gene is Marketing and learn how to create epic videos of your own!

If you are trying to learn how to use social media in your business… you cannot miss this course! It’s coming soon to HyperFast Academy.

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— Dan and Keri