NOTE: By popular demand we’re archiving past issues of our newsletters here on the Hyperfast blog. This is the Hyperfast Insider #001, originally sent as a newsletter on December 18, 2018. Events and offers posted here may be outdated.

Thank you for attending the first-ever Hyperfast Sales Bootcamp!

First, a very important message for our VIP and Executive ticket holders:

If you bought a VIP or Executive level ticket for our Grant Cardone event, as promised you can claim a free ticket to Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference event. Our team wants to see you there! To claim the 10X Growth Conference ticket included with your package: reply to this email no later than this Saturday, December 22nd, at 11:59 PM.

Don’t forget that if you bought a VIP or Executive level ticket, you’re getting access to all chapters of our Facebook and Instagram courses for free! Look in the Inner Circle group on Facebook for the first two chapters. The remaining chapters are coming soon.

Our video team is working furiously to produce courses and content for the Inner Circle, VIP Inner Circle, and for VIP and Executive ticket holders from our Grant Cardone event.

Meanwhile, our real estate team is closing in fast on our 500 home sales goal in 2018. As I write this, we’re at 499 transactions in 2018 and looking for the last few deals to put us over the top. Wish us luck!

We’ve got a ton of great extras to cover in this email, so let’s get into it.

In this email:

  • Reminder: Inner Circle & Inner Circle VIP extras
  • The Hyperfast Agent’s Guide to Setting Better Goals in 2019 (and how to stay accountable)
  • How to Get the Most Out of Any Book, Seminar, or Coaching Session
  • Sneak Peek: The first two chapters of our Instagram and Facebook Courses!


Inner Circle vs. VIP Inner Circle Membership

We’ve been getting questions about the difference between Inner Circle access levels, so here they are clarified:

Our Inner Circle currently has two levels of membership: the standard Inner Circle level of membership and the VIP Inner Circle.

Inner Circle Members Get:

  • Access to the Inner Circle Facebook group
  • Weekly training videos from Keri and Dan
  • Interview videos with top realtors
  • Support and accountability
  • Up to 50% off our courses

VIP Inner Circle Members Get ALL of the Inner Circle Benefits Above, Plus:

  • Group support and accountability
  • Weekly group calls and access to replays
  • Access to all our courses for FREE

The Hyperfast Agent’s Guide to Setting Better Goals in 2019

Keri and I (and our team members) have set some exciting goals for 2019 and we’re already positioning to achieve them. If you haven’t started thinking about 2019 resolutions and goals, now is the time to begin!

Free on the Hyperfast Agent blog, you’ll find two posts about setting better goals and hitting those targets in 2019:

How to Get the Most Out of Any Book, Seminar, or Coaching Session

Reading a business book or attending a training seminar is a great use of time — but only if you:

  • Think actively about what you’re learning
  • Apply those lessons to your business goals
  • Hold yourself accountable and follow through with action

For more on how to get the most out of your investment in books, live events, and coaching sessions, read the full article on our Hyperfast blog.

Coming Soon: the Hyperfast Instagram and Facebook Marketing Course!

Stay tuned for our marketing course on using Instagram and Facebook to grow your real estate business!

We’ve posted the first two chapters of this marketing course free to all Inner Circle members.The entire course will be available before the end of December.

Standard Inner Circle access members will get a discount to the entire course. VIP Inner Circle members will get the entire course for free when all chapters are available. Also all VIP and Executive level ticket holders from the Hyperfast Sales Bootcamp event will receive access to the entire course.

The first two chapters of the course are live at the Hyperfast Inner Circle Facebook Group, so go check them out!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays!

— Dan Lesniak and Keri Shull