Keri and I have a number of goals: business, financial, health, personal. I’m always excited when we make new goals and vision boards. Here’s the theme I chose for myself this year:


Too many people get caught up in the details; they get caught up in questions of “How” and it just delays action. Just decide that you’re going to do something and then make it happen. Don’t let the details push off when you’re going to start; don’t let the details get you stuck. There’s never going to be a perfect time… the perfect time is now.

The submarine approach: just start moving

Once you’ve started moving in the roughly correct direction, then you can fine-tune the correct course while you’re in motion.

Prior to my real estate life, I was on a nuclear submarine for about three years. When you take a submarine from under the water up to periscope depth, where you can collide with other ships… if you see a course that you’re on is problematic, you need to get the ship turning.

Turning a 600-foot long submarine when you’re at periscope depth takes a long time. You don’t wait to figure out the perfect course — is it 185 degrees, is 190 degrees, 200 degrees? You give the order to the helm, the helm moves the rudder, and the ship begins moving in the general direction it needs to go.

Then while the ship is turning, while it’s moving in a safer direction, only then do you figure out: “Do I need to be on course 180 or is 190 better?” Get moving in the direction you need, take the big, broad actions that you need to take, and then along the way figure out the details, correct course, and develop precise methods.

Don’t overthink in the beginning and wait until you have the perfect solution, because if you wait you will never take action.

Take action first. Learn by doing, and perfect as you go.

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