In this video I’ll take you on a journey from the Keri Shull Team office in Arlington, Virginia to St. Louis where I speak at the first Lab Coat Agents one-day event. Along the way, I’ll share thoughts on:

You’ll come with me as I meet with Nick, Tristan, and Jeff from the Lab Coat Agents, network at happy hours, prepare my presentation (right on time!), and help hundreds of real estate agents from across the nation create marketing videos they can use to build their businesses.

In my presentation, “Using Video to Dominate 2019,” I helped Lab Coat Agents event attendees address what makes video hard for them, think about what buyers and sellers want, gave them a proven format for video, and finally gave them a script to create their own marketing videos live!

Thank you to everyone who gave me the opportunity to contribute to their business and their life. I’m so honored to give back to real estate agents! It’s great to be part of an event where real estate agents can come together as a community and build each other up.

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