Real estate agents tend to be great at making a connection with anyone they meet — they’re quick with small talk and clever banter. They’re warm, personable, and often have a great sense of humor.

When asked to write a letter from the heart to stay top of mind within their SOI’s, though, we’ve seen many great agents freeze up in front of the blank page.

Now is a great time to make a personal connection with your sphere of influence and remind them that you can help anyone they know buy or sell a home. All it takes is writing a simple page catching them up on your life. In this post we’ll walk you through it.

Just get started

The first and most important thing when you’re writing a letter form the heart is to just get started.

Don’t overthink your first draft. Start anywhere — start with the weather outside your window, start by telling your reader where you are sitting as you write. You can always edit later; for now just break the ice and get words flowing.

Write the way you speak. Imagine you’re sitting across from an old friend you haven’t seen for a year. What would you tell them? What’re you up to these days? Imagine yourself speaking with them. Type what you’d say if they were in the room with you.

Things to say in a letter from the heart

If you find yourself stumped about things to say in your letter from the heart, here’s a list of quick topics you can use to get unstuck.


  • If you’ve recently moved, where’s your new home base?
  • What season is it as you write the letter?
  • Have there been any major life events or changes for you, your family, or close friends?

Events, books, charity events, and local restaurants

  • Did you attend any fun concerts, cool events, or interesting seminars?
  • Did you read something that provoked you to think?
  • Did you participate in any charity events?
  • Any upcoming events you’re looking forward to?
  • Did you eat or drink anywhere interesting?

Goals & setbacks

  • What goals have you found challenging?
  • What setbacks did you endure this year? In what ways did you try to overcome them?
  • Who has supported you in your goals?
  • What are your next short-, medium-, and long-term goals?
  • How many clients have you helped buy or sell this year?
At the bottom of a letter from the heart it’s always nice to wish your reader well, and to ask them to let you know if they need a realtor’s services — or if anyone they know needs a realtor’s services.
Sign off and publish

Sample sign-offs: at the bottom of the page, you can write:

  • Yours,
  • Yours truly,
  • Sincerely,
  • Sincerely yours,
  • Warm Regards,

You can send your letter from the heart via email; you can print and mail it; you can post it on your website or on a social media account. Just be sure to proofread the letter before you send. Typos can be very unfortunate.

Other media can work very well in a letter from the heart. You can include photos of course, and if you’re brave with cameras, you can even record a smartphone video of you saying hello to your SOI and catching them up.

Sending a letter from the heart is quick, easy, and it can prompt both testimonials and referrals. Don’t put it off — write one today and stay in touch with your SOI.