Whether you’re a new agent in your rookie year or a veteran agent, commit to lifelong learning and growing. Lifelong learning is one of the top character traits that helps agents succeed at our agency.

When you read, it’s like you’re taking the book’s author as a kind of mentor and teacher. You compress time and hit your own goals faster by learning from the successes of others.

If you really want to make sure you get the most out of these great reads, see our article about How to Get the Most Out of Any Book, Seminar, or Coaching Session.

The Hyperlocal Hyperfast Real Estate Agent by Dan Lesniak

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This book goes over how I sold $22 million in real estate in my first year, netting almost $350,000 in pay.

Last year I also released a Companion Guide, a workbook that walks you through exercises to develop the strategy, mindset, and tactics to dominate your market.

Whether you’re looking to dominate your existing market, deepen your existing market share, or take over a new market, the Hyperlocal Hyperfast Real Estate Agent contains the tools you need.

We’ll also soon be offering a FREE copy of the Hyperlocal Hyperfast Real Estate Agent! Watch the Hyperfast Agent blog for details.

Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller

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This is a perennial classic, back from last year’s list.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is full of ways to set up systems for real estate lead generation, how to make the right hires, how to get listings, how to count the dollars and find leverage in your business.

I highly recommend that every real estate agent gets a copy of this book.

Willpower Doesn’t Work by Benjamin Hardy

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New to the list this year is Willpower Doesn’t Work by Benjamin Hardy.

As the title suggests, this book is all about how the whole concept of willpower has failed people — whether you’re trying to increase your income, lose weight, or improve relationships, willpower doesn’t work.

Rely instead on setting the right environment for your goals. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, don’t leave donuts on the counter where you’ll have to resist them every time you walk by. Instead just don’t keep junk food in the house. If you’re trying to build your business, set up accountability partners. Create a distraction-free zone where there’s nothing you can do but make your calls.

The Front Row Factor by Jon Vroman

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Jon Vroman is also the cofounder of The Front Row Foundation, which gives unforgettable experiences to people facing life-threatening illnesses.

The Front Row Factor is all about how to create “front row” experiences for yourself and for those around you. Each moment, Vroman believes, is a chance to use your talents to live a full life, experience joy, and make a difference.

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

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Now of course we had to include a Grant Cardone book on the list; in December we hosted the Hyperfast Sales Bootcamp event with him as keynote speaker, and boy did Grant deliver.

The 10X Rule is all about how to think bigger. If in your business you think you’re facing a $5,000 dollar problem, Grant says: No. The problem is how to leverage your business to make $50,000 dollars so the $5,000 problem becomes small by comparison.

Sell 100+ Homes a Year by Krista Mashore

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Sell 100+Homes a Year by Krista Mashore is a great book on how to use digital and social marketing to get in front of buyers. Buyers aren’t looking for homes in the traditional ways anymore. They’re not leafing through newspapers or opening and reading direct mail advertisements.

Now some of the points in here I agree with and others I disagree with; the book is anti-open house for example. For our own real estate team, though, open houses led to many closings for us and continue to do so. Open houses were still a vital component of our strategy, and they’re part of why we were able to increase our sales from about 300 homes in 2017 to about 500 in 2018.

Built to Sell by John Warrillow

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Built to Sell is all about creating a business, setting up systems and people with the idea that someday you might sell it.

The advice here is relevant even if you love your business and can’t imagine selling it. Realtors don’t often think, “What’s my endgame? What’s my exit strategy?” But if you think along these lines, it will make your business processes more scaleable and will allow your company’s operations to thrive without you.

Scale: Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back by Jeff Hoffman and David Finkel

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Jeff Hoffman is one of priceline.com’s founders. I saw him speak earlier in the year and picked up his book because he was a great guy and a great speaker.

Like Built to Sell above, Scale is all about setting up your business so that its systems scale well without demanding your constant, direct involvement. This is a great book to pick up if you’re looking to achieve better work/life balance in 2019, or if you want your current business to thrive while you start new ventures.

The Book of Yes by Kevin Ward

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This is a book of real estate scripts and another perennial favorite that made our Best Real Estate Books in 2018 list as well.

We use a lot of Kevin Ward’s scripts for FSBOS, for expired registry houses, for withdrawn listings. The Book of Yes is full of effective and easy-to-use scripts. Like anything, these scripts do require practice but we’ve had tremendous success adapting some of The Book of Yes’s scripts.

The Dream Manager

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The Dream Manager is a business book that tells a story. It’s about a fictional company that created an initiative to reach out to all of their workers to try and figure out: What are your dreams? How can we help you achieve them?

As a result, this fictional company’s people went all in, becoming fully engaged with their work. The company grew and its employees grew. This is a great book on how to look after your people: their hopes, aspirations, and dreams. This one is not real estate specific but it’s an excellent read for anyone building and leading a team.

Living with a Seal by Jesse Itzler

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Jesse Itzler is an entrepreneur married to Sarah Blakely who founded Spanx.

Jesse Itzler enjoyed fitness challenges and endurance runs — a hobby I’m passionate about myself. Jesse saw a badass athlete at one of his endurance events and said to himself, “I have to hire that guy to coach me.” That’s how Jesse ended up training with a former Navy SEAL for 30 intense days.

This is a funny and inspirational read, perfect for reading by the fire over the holiday season.

What did we miss?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I missed, what’s good, and your comments on any of the books featured here.

I’d love to send you a free copy of the Hyperlocal Hyperfast Real Estate Agent if we still have any left!