I hear this line a lot:

“You can’t make as much money on a team as you can on your own.”

For many real estate teams, that’s true.

But not ours.

Here’s what I realized recently when I was doing my usual market research:

The top agent on our team is on pace to make more than any other solo real estate agent, team leader or owner in Arlington this year.

I know that sounds unlike anything you’ve ever heard. I checked the stats a few times myself just to make sure it’s correct.

And it is.

Just to show you my certainty about this: if anyone can prove me wrong with a tax return, I will send out an email campaign admitting my error. I’ll also make a donation to the charity of that person’s choice for $1,000.

So how could our top agent be on pace to beat every team leader or owner in Arlington? How is this possible?

This agent has only been in the business for less than 5 years. This kind of success is possible because Keri and I decided to pour our resources back into developing marketing, support, and training systems for our team.

The result: We have created something never seen before in the real estate industry. Our agents are succeeding at unprecedented levels, and making a lot more money than the average agent.

The problem with most big brokerages (aside from having a stale business model designed decades ago) is that these brokerages are usually led by people who have not sold much real estate, or have not sold much real estate recently.

The problem with most real estate teams is that they are not big enough to provide the kinds of systems that we have developed — systems that empower our agents to provide unparalleled service to our clients, and reach unparalleled levels of success in return.

Whether you are:

  • Just starting out
  • Selling $5 million a year
  • Selling $40M a year

No matter where you are in your real estate career, you would make more money in our system and I can say that with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY.

Good news

We’ve recently made investments in our marketing and appointment-setting departments, and we need more agents.

We have an immediate need for 10 agents.


Click here to see our team’s current opportunities!


Just to set the right expectations: We don’t take anyone and everyone (unlike most brokerages). We are looking for the best, for those who are truly committed, and for those who truly want to serve others. If you join us, you can expect to work hard, but also to take your life and business to the next level. You’ll also be a part of an amazing team that is on the path to become #1 in the world within two years.


– Dan

P.S. – For the past two years, Keri and I have taken our entire team on an annual incentive trip to Miami. If you want to be a part of our incentive trip next year, you need to be on our team for at least 6 months this year…  so time is running out! Check out the video from our Miami trip here: