We Believe…

The purpose of business is to fuel an amazing life. And that life? It happens for you, not to you.

We believe failure is only temporary and limitations are self-imposed.

Anyone can achieve their biggest dreams and everyone owes it to themselves to try.

If you can create a better product or service than you have a moral obligation to deliver it to as many people as you can. If you truly want something the only option is to fully commit.

When you have passion and purpose you are unstoppable.

About Daniel James  Lesniak Daniel James  Lesniak Daniel James  Lesniak Daniel James  Lesniak

Dan Lesniak is a billion dollar real estate agent, best selling author, investor, developer and coach. He began his career in real estate in 2012 after having successful careers both as a Naval submarine officer and defense contractor. 

His hyperlocal strategy led to one of the fastest starts in real estate with over $22 million in sales in…

About Keri Shull Keri Shull Keri Shull Keri Shull

Keri Shull is one of America’s most successful real estate agents. Keri and her team have sold over $2B in real estate. She is growing her sphere of influence to stages around the world, is a renowned author and coach. As an entrepreneur, Keri has also started and invested in several other successful businesses.

Prior to founding the Keri Shull Team, Keri was one of the top salespersons for both NVR Homes and the Mayhood Company, winning several awards at both companies. In 2009 she founded the…

Our  Story  Story  Story

Keri and Dan met in 2013 during a sales meeting at the Keller Williams office in Arlington, VA. At the time, Keri ran the biggest team in that office and the office leader introduced Dan at the meeting saying his team would give Keri’s a run for their money. Little did she know what was about to happen.

In the ensuing weeks, Dan “recruited” Keri to form a joint venture with the title company he started. They quickly became great friends discovering they shared many core values: dreaming big, creating value for others, learning, competing and thinking outside the box. 

At the end of 2013, Keri and Dan decided to merge their businesses and in 2014 they got married. In 2015, they had their first child, Braden, and two years later thier daughter, Kierra. 

Dan and Keri thrive on the challenges and rewards of working together to build a loving marriage and run multiple businesses while empowering others to do the same.