It feels awful to tell one of your buyer clients that their offer was rejected. Fear of rejection is one of the top human fears, and it’s a struggle for many real estate agents.

No matter what kind of real estate market you are in, for some types of homes the inventory is low and the demand is high. In those situations, you and your clients might face a bidding war.

We teach our agents how to help buyers avoid bidding wars entirely and win without being the highest offer. Our win rate is not 100%, but it’s pretty close — which is why our real estate team doesn’t slow down even when inventory is low.

Here are the 3 ways we win in low-inventory markets:

  1. Avoid the bidding war. Find the home before it comes on the market. If no one else is competing with your buyers, your buyers are going to get a better deal. Look for homes that are not on the market yet. Target the ones that meet your buyers’ exact criteria. Find out from other real estate agents what they have coming soon.
  2. Get there first. If a hot home comes on the market, write the offer before anyone else gets to it! No, you do not want to let the listing agent shop the offer all weekend so you have to do some work up front to ensure your offer will be reviewed before the Open House. By the way, this does work — we just got a deal done this way last week.
  3. Use the contract terms. Don’t approach the terms in the contract as standard. That is the old school, big-box broker mentality. The contract offers lots of room where you can use terms that will increase seller certainty… which will in turn reduce the price for your buyer. We teach our agents lots of ways to accomplish this, including modifying — and sometimes even eliminating — contingencies while still protecting the buyer.

Keri and I want to teach as many agents as we can even more ways to attract more buyer clients, win offers for buyer clients, and close more buyer clients.

That’s why we took the best practices we have developed with our team helping thousands of buyers and condensed it into a course that you can take anywhere in the world.We’re giving this buyer agent course away to anyone who’s willing to take the HyperFast Agent Inner Circle for a FREE 30-day test run. Don’t miss out on the five-star buyer reviews and referrals that come from winning your client’s dream home!