Be honest about your own strengths and weaknesses, and organize your team to leverage both their talents and yours.

Some real estate coaches and authors will say you need to be on the phone calling leads as the founder of your team.

That’s one approach… But here’s the approach that I used to sell over $300 million in real estate volume in 2018.

I suck at making phone calls. Like, really badly. So the structure of my business was really about me recognizing the things that I was bad at, and wouldn’t do, and plugging those holes quickly.

So when you look at the structure of the Keri Shull Team today, it’s reflective of my weaknesses, and what I assume really talented salespeople may also be weak at. So because of that, we have a really dialed-in Inside Sales Team — and they are not assistants, they are leaders in my organization.

If an agent comes in and they don’t treat our Inside Sales department with respect, if they don’t follow up with the leads, if they don’t put thorough notes in the system… the ISAs decide who gets the leads. They are the ones responsible for watching how our agents service and convert their leads. I don’t have a part of that. I made that intentional decision about three years ago, and because of it my business has skyrocketed.

I agree that your phone game is critically important to the overall health of your business, but here’s another way to solve that problem: hire people who rock the phones and love it. Elevate them in your organization, and reward them for great work. This allows you to focus on what you’re strong at, and allows you to scale by using the latest tech and hiring additional ISAs as you generate more leads.

Work your strengths, and your business will work

The bigger-picture takeaway here is: Look at your own strengths and your own weaknesses — be honest with yourself — and organize your team to leverage those strengths. Meanwhile, patch your own  weaknesses with the strengths of your team members. When each member of your team — including you — is able to specialize in what they most enjoy and excel at, you set yourself up for explosive growth.

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