If you’ve got a Facebook business account and a full phone battery, you’re ready to broadcast. Facebook Live is an easy way to build your personal brand, stay engaged with your sphere of influence, and reach more real estate clients.
In this post we’ll offer eight ideas for how you can use Facebook Live to build your real estate business.

8 Ways to build your real estate business on Facebook Live

Give a virtual showing: We’ve used Facebook Live to give virtual tours of a home, where one or two of our agents walks viewers through the house step by step while talking about the home’s best features.

Broadcast an open house: Why not publicize your open house, either during the event or while setting up for it? There could be any number of people curious to see the house but unable to make the trip for whatever reason. Live video is one way to reach those who are interested but unable to be physically present for the event.

Show clients a property coming soon: Why not offer your Facebook sphere of influence a sneak peek at a hot new property? You could give viewers a tour of a home before it goes up for sale. This is not only great for anyone viewing, it also demonstrates to a seller that you’re proactively marketing their property even before it’s listed.

Drive turnout: If you’re on a team, call on your fellow agents and support staff to tune in to your Facebook Live event. The goal is to drive up viewer count, signaling to Facebook that people find your video interesting, which can increase your reach. You could also request that your colleagues ask specific questions about the property that you can answer while live — this signals to potential clients that you’re helpful and approachable. If you’ve formed a Facebook group, take advantage of it to boost your viewership. You can go live from a group as well.

Take clients behind the scenes: One great thing about Facebook Live and other social media outlets is that you can show some of the “behind the scenes” effort that you put in. If you’re in the office late preparing paperwork or making calls, you can go live for a few minutes to show clients and prospective clients that you’re putting in time.

Walk through a neighborhood: You can turn your camera on and walk through a neighborhood you serve, pointing out to viewers any restaurants, schools, and things to do that help sell the area to potential home buyers. Where’s your favorite place to eat in the area? Where can viewers find a good cup of coffee? This kind of video can make great relationship-building content.

Highlight a positive review: Did you just get a positive review from a client on Zillow, Google, or a similar page? Take a moment to go live and say thank you. This is one to handle carefully because you don’t want to seem like you’re boasting. Try to approach this with graciousness and gratitude, thanking the client for their review and saying you’re glad you were able to help them.

Recruit new team members: If you’re looking to hire more team members, go live and let your sphere know about it! Include what positions you’re hiring for, the qualities and abilities team members will need to succeed, and the major selling points of working for your team. Consider broadcasting straight from the office. For extra exposure, call a team meeting and ask everyone to broadcast your recruiting pitch from their Facebook accounts all at once.

How will you use Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a great way to get extra value out of any marketing and outreach effort you make. How will you use Facebook Live to publicize your business this year?