The Reality Check

Earlier this week we sent our Operations Manager and her husband to Bora Bora for their honeymoon. People are asking us why we splurged so much.

My response has been: Why shouldn’t we?

Our Operations manager started with us nearly five years ago as a transaction coordinator back when we operated in one small office out of another brokerage. She was with us when we opened our own independent brokerage. She was with us when we moved into temporary spaces during our office build out. She was with us when we became the number one selling team in Virginia, doubled our office space in Arlington, and opened our D.C. office. And she’s still with us as we grow our sales by nearly 50% this year, surging upward to sales totals that few teams have ever achieved.
During this time her role shifted and grew. After mastering the transaction coordinator role she began taking on duties for the role of finance manager. After mastering that role too, she took on the role of our recruiting and hiring efforts and oversaw the growth of the team from 20 people to over 50 and still growing. She continued in this way until eventually she had taken over all operations. Anything we needed done she stepped up and never asked how. She just got it done.
Even as our team has grown to over 50 members and has become one of the most successful teams in the country, Keri and I view our team members as family. We are there to help each other during challenging times and celebrate our successes together. We help each other grow as a team and as individuals in all aspects of life.
So to me it was an easy decision earlier this year to offer her and her husband the chance to pick out a Honeymoon anywhere in the world on us. We believe in rewarding our team as a group and as individuals. I know when we go on our team celebration trip in January it will be a blast, but I’m getting just as much joy right now thinking about the amazing time our Operations manager is enjoying in Bora Bora.

We’re growing again – come grow with us

Keri and I are looking for more people that want to grow as individuals and as team members. Our goal is to become the number one team in the nation by 2021 and we are on track to achieve that. We are hiring more amazing people in all roles including:
  • Sales Agents
  • Inside Sales Agents (Phone Callers)
  • Support Staff
  • Marketing Staff
  • Database Management
If you know someone who’s hungry to learn and grow with a team, send them to our Careers page to  browse openings and apply.