Episode #136 Instant Credibility with Shawn Kunkler

During this episode of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, host Dan Lesniak speaks with Shawn Kunkler, realtor, podcaster, and author of Insider’s Guide to Homebuying: San Francisco. Shawn shares why he wrote his book, the vision he has for his new podcast, and why he focuses his entire business on relationships. After listening to this episode, you may just decide to write your own book.  

Episode Highlights: 

  • Shawn Kunkler spent many years in the martial arts world. He took a real estate course when a friend told him about the potential income.
  • Writing his own book proved to be a very effective marketing piece. Being an author provides instant credibility.
  • He decided to write his book after attending intensive training with Tony Robbins. 
  • He spent one hour each morning working on writing and watched that effort accumulate.
  • Dan highly recommends taking advantage of Tony Robbins’ books and events.
  • Shawn wrote the book intending to use it as a marketing piece.
  • Shawn describes how he was able to grow his business so quickly. He has over twenty years of sales experience.
  • Early on he realized that people didn’t want to be “sold” to or hit over the head with sales tactics, so he decided to focus on building relationships.
  • His client referrals tend to be hyper-focused and specific within the San Francisco area.
  • Collaboration and increasing your network is going to give you more tools to solve problems.
  • On his website, Shawn has a button for buyers, sellers, and agents. This allows him to send out referrals very easily.
  • He is also trying to help other small businesses grow.
  • The podcast he is launching is called Solopreneur 180 and it will be focused on small business growth.
  • Referrals are the easiest leads to work. They are warm and predisposed to buy.
  • If you can throw some money at your growth, the growth can be exponential.
  • Shawn hopes to build a community around himself with his new podcast. He is also contemplating writing another book.
  • During coronavirus, he has focused on calling past clients and asking how they’re doing.
  • It’s important to remember that agents are connectors.
  • Seek the opportunity within this opportunity.
  • Shawn plans to host virtual events for his clients via Zoom.
  • If you’re willing to adapt and stay in the game, there’s a chance to get a higher share of the market once we get out of this.
  • Dan and Shawn discuss the drawbacks of being a part-time agent.
  • Sometimes your greatest competition is the random referral from someone’s uncle or friend.
  • When you’re competing with a relationship-based referral, that can be a tough objection to overcome.
  • Show up consistently in your relationships.
  • Consider how your habits help you get closer to your goals.
  • Shawn provides answers to the HyperFast Round.


3 Key Points:

  1.   Writing a book can establish you as an expert and lends you instant credibility with your clients.
  2.   Realtors are connectors that have the ability to help other small businesses grow.
  3.   Seek opportunities within challenges. You can find ways to adapt and stay in the game.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • I focused literally my entire business on relationships.” – Shawn Kunkler
  • “Sales to me is a tool like anything. If you use it for the right reasons it’s an amazing thing.” – Dan Lesniak
  • “Just be someone they can rely on not only in good times when the market is doing amazing but when things are kind of questionable. Just be that resource for them.” – Shawn Kunkler
  • If you’re a buyer and you’re all set and ready to go, I think right now is a fantastic time to buy because you’re not competing.” – Shawn Kunkler
  • “It’s much easier to pre-position yourself as the person that’s being referred.” – Shawn Kunkler


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