Episode #160 Consistent and Constant Growth with Sunita Bali

During today’s episode of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, host Dan Lesniak speaks with Sunita Bali, a real estate agent in Maryland who completed 38 transactions last year as a solo agent, and is in the process of starting her own team. Listen to hear how Sunita has based her real estate career on exceptional customer care, which has led to consistent and constant growth.


Episode Highlights: 

  • Sunita Bali is a real estate agent with 6 years experience in Maryland.
  • She has based her career on exceptional customer care, which has allowed her to grow her business over the last 3-4 years.
  • Sunita experienced a point where her business growth stalled, and that’s when she reached out to Dan Lesniak and Keri Shull to mentor her.
  • Sunita details her education and career experience, and the incident involving her daughter that led to her entering real estate.
  • Sunita admits she didn’t know what she was doing her first year in business, and did 1 large real estate transaction that year.
  • Sunita went to a sales meeting and saw that other agents were netting over 1 million per year, and she wasn’t even getting acknowledgement.
  • She took that desire to be the best and sought out coaching. The coaching helped her to grow her business, which in turn increased her confidence.
  • Stay focused, and use the method that others have proven works.
  • Sunita did 38 transactions in 2019 as a solo agent, although she did have some occasional help from a virtual assistant.
  • Sunita is focusing on her 5-year plan, and has hired her first ISA and admin, and is now focusing on hiring a buyers agent.
  • Sunita was bringing in a lot of online leads, but felt as though she was throwing them away as she didn’t have the staff to handle the volume.
  • Dan agrees that with the pandemic going on, online leads are going to become more prevalent and more valuable.
  • Sunita did well in the first quarter of 2020 due to the online systems she already had in place, which she feels has positioned her well for the remainder of 2020.
  • Her biggest revelation in regards to marketing and advertising is consistency. Sunita feels that marketing cannot wait, it has to grow with you as you grow, because it helps propel growth.
  • Consistency is really important, now more than ever, as peoples’ attention spans diminish due to being overstimulated.
  • Her team plans out social media on a weekly basis, which Sunita approves, and then is posted on an automated schedule.
  • Sunita utilizes a “power hour” to review her CRM for follow-up opportunities with her clients. She feels that if you don’t consistently follow-up with your clients, they will go elsewhere.
  • Sunita details her system when working with buyers, setting expectations, and her 5-home showing strategy.
  • Dan and Sunita discuss how home-buying isn’t an emotion-less process. 
  • Sunita has a pre-qualification process before she meets with homesellers, to learn more about the reasons for selling, expectations, and their personality style, so that she can tailor her presentation.
  • She always goes to seller presentations over-prepared, even if she doesn’t need it. She feels it helps give her an advantage over her competitors.
  • If you do a good job, the money will follow.
  • Looking forward to the rest of 2020, Sunita’s excitement is that someone, somewhere needs her help. She feels that at the heart of everything, she is a helper.
  • Sunita provides her answers to the questions in the HyperFast Round.


3 Key Points:

  1.   You always have to keep educating yourself. 
  2.   Marketing cannot wait. It has to be done consistently and grow with you as you grow, because it helps propel growth.
  3.   Follow-up is essential in order to maintain clients and reach your full potential for growth. The money and customer care is in the follow-up.


Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I sincerely feel that once you stop investing in yourself, in your education, you stop growing.” – Sunita Bali
  • “Marketing cannot wait. It has to grow with you as you grow, because it helps you to grow.” – Sunita Bali
  • “Consistency, now more than ever, is really, really important.” – Dan Lesniak
  • “The money is in the follow-up. The customer care is in the follow-up” – Sunita Bali
  • “I always go over-prepared, even if I don’t need it. It helps to give me an edge.” – Sunita Bali
  • “I think if we do a good job, money follows.” – Sunita Bali


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