Episode #92 Focus on Learning with Ryan Serhant

During Episode 92 of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, hosts Dan Lesniak and Keri Shull speak with Ryan Serhant, a billion-dollar agent, author, and the star of Million Dollar Listing: New York. Ryan answers questions from audience members at The HyperFast Sales Summit about what to do when you’re a brand new agent, how to manage an effective team, what inspires him, and more. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • What’s Ryan’s biggest piece of advice for a real estate agent starting out?
  • If you’re a brand new real estate agent starting out don’t do it by yourself. Work on a team.
  • Agents get in thinking they’re going to make a lot of money and they quit in the first year because it’s hard.
  • Treat those first 2-3 years as if you are in graduate school. 
  • Focus on learning and absorbing as much information as possible.
  • Ryan is a very strong believer in taking improv classes.
  • His ability to sell comes from his ability to talk to strangers.
  • Taking improv classes will change the way you talk to people.
  • Was there a moment when he realized exponential growth was right there?
  • Ryan says there was no “A ha!” moment for him. When he got the team up to ten people he knew something was happening.
  • If you want to get to a higher price point, bring someone on.
  • Keri says that bringing more people on doesn’t necessarily mean more problems, but new problems.
  • Grow for the right reason.
  • Procrastinators are busy getting nothing done.
  • Ryan discusses the balance between being a disciplinarian and leading by example.
  • His reputation is his brand.
  • His strategy for managing people is to hire good people. Hire agents that take initiative.
  • As long as he trains people the way he wants, then he doesn’t have to explain it twice. He has to set expectations and be a clean and honest communicator from the get-go.
  • The first new agent he brought on was someone to do rentals.
  • What is his opinion on the importance of marketing automation and how much time that’s saving him? 
  • A lot of the business they do isn’t cold lead business. They do a good amount of marketing automation. They do a lot of manual marketing to people as well.
  • Ryan is inspired by the real estate community.
  • He talks about how being a realtor is a crazy job.
  • Agents wake up every day to deal with other people’s emotions and they do it for free.
  • People should give realtors a little more credit.
  • Anything that could go wrong, tell them from the beginning.
  • An audience member asks how Ryan managed to shut down Times Square for an hour when he proposed to his wife.
  • Ryan tells the story of planning his epic marriage proposal.
  • Ryan did not have a mentor starting out but wishes he had. 

3 Key Points:

  1.   In your first few years of real estate, focus on learning and absorbing as much information as you can. 
  2.   Realtors work for free until multiple other people make the same decision that is majorly financial.
  3.   Communicate and set expectations from the beginning with everyone, including long-term friends.

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