Using the Ring Doorbell to Add Value and Generate Leads

As real estate agents it is important to keep up to date with real estate related products and programs. One product that Keri and I have been using in our home for several years now is the Ring Video Doorbell.

The Ring Video Doorbell provides security and convenience to homeowners. It features a 1080p HD video with 160 degree field of view and a two way audio connection. The doorbell connects via wi-fi to your smartphone or computer and alerts you when someone is there or rings the doorbell. It also gives you the option to speak to them from wherever you are in the world. The motion sensor has multiple zones that can easily be adjusted from your phone. There’s also an option to get cloud storage so you can have a recording of who was at your door.

Depending on the model the Ring doorbell can be hardwired or battery powered. There are several different Ring doorbells starting at $99.

Wifi-enabled Ring Doorbell

As the standard option, the original Ring Doorbell is the go-to choice if you’re watching your budget. Available in three classy colors: antique brass, satin nickel, venetian bronze.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

An upgrade over the standard doorbell, the Pro is smaller, less invasive and comes with superior technical specs. Note: it comes with no battery pack and can only be hardwired.

Ring Floodlight Camera

Extend your protection with the Floodlight Camera’s motion-activated HD security features – equipped with two-way talk and a siren alarm.

These products are very easy to install and add on to existing ones. They giving you the ability to have a custom designed security and video system at prices that are a fraction of the cost of typical custom solutions.

Want some help getting it setup? Arrange for your installation directly on Amazon with the Ring Video Doorbell Installation.

Another feature that Ring has added is the Neighbors App, available for free on iOS and Android. This app lets you connect with other people in the area. If suspicious activity is recorded on your Ring device, you can post it for others to see to help make the entire area safer.

Because of the effectiveness of these Doorbells’ enhanced security measures, Washington DC and various other local governments are actually offering to reimburse homeowners that choose to install a Ring Doorbell. Our team recently decided to leverage this program to help generate more leads. We started marketing to homeowners letting them know we would help them get a Ring Doorbell at no cost to them. It has been a great way to get in touch with more sellers while providing them value and making our community better.

What other real estate products do you think are great for your clients? How have you used them to generate more value?

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