Hey Hyperfast Agent, I’m down in the basement getting workout number two of the day in. It’s the off-season.

What you see here is the passion I have for marathons and triathlons. I’ve finished five half Ironman triathlons and five full Ironman triathlons in the past two years. Those are my medals hanging in the background. I ran for an hour earlier today and I’m biking for an hour now. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished during the past two years. But it’s not just about finishing triathlons.

I believe that my passion for being in top shape; for challenging myself; for seeing how far I can push myself physically, emotionally, and mentally… I believe that passion carries over into my real estate business, into my family life, and into everything I do.

This passion demands a lot from me physically but also requires a lot of grit. It requires that I put in a lot of work and love it. It demands that I keep positive and push through adversity.

These are all qualities that I look for in employees. I want them to be passionate about something — about anything. I don’t care as much as you might think about what they love. If they’re passionate about basket-weaving, and they really learned the discipline of it and got good at it, that signals to me that this person has qualities of diligence and an ability to learn that they could learn to apply to real estate, sales, or customer service.

We don’t want a person’s other interests to interfere with their work for our team of course, so it’s a balance. But most of the time, a passionate hobby makes an employee stronger, not weaker. Sometimes that seemingly unrelated knowledge and experience can even lead to brilliant creative solutions to business problems.

My tip for you today, Hyperfast Agent, is that as you grow and hire more and more employees to support you, hire for passion. Look for people with hobbies and pursuits that they really love. Those are the people who know how to love something: how to put their heads down, work hard, take a goal seriously and get great at it.