Earlier this November I spoke as a panelist at the NoVA Real Producers Mastermind event, a gathering of Northern Virginia’s top real estate agents.
Many of the panelist questions at the Mastermind event centered around how to find a vision and then work to make that vision a reality.

A New Vision

Finding my “why” when I first got started in this business was easy, as I set sales goals and rose to meet them; established my own independent sales team; and became the top-producing team in Northern Virginia. As we hit higher and higher targets, it became harder to figure out the next step.
To find my direction, I spent time thinking about the big picture. I changed my environment by attending conferences with thinkers like Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, and Grant Cardone. Having succeeded at my previous goals, I felt grateful but also adrift: what was the next big step?
I wasn’t sure how to get my clarity of vision back, so I blocked time to sort it all out and review past goals. Early in my career, I found giving back to clients the most gratifying. Next, helping my team to grow and accomplish their goals by giving back to clients was rewarding. Seeing the ways the real estate industry is changing in 2018 and beyond, I want to help my fellow real estate agents survive and thrive in this new landscape. The business is becoming more and more challenging for real estate agents across the board; we need to pull together and share knowledge.
Holding an event like our Hyperfast Sales Bootcamp with Grant Cardone gives me a sense of direction and purpose: I can help fellow agents and give back to the real estate industry that’s given me so much.
We’ve also started a V.I.P. inner circle, where agents can get access to all of our training. We have highly productive agents: Our average agent is making over $250,000. We want to help keep the real estate industry healthy by sharing our valuable knowledge.

Industry Disruptors Are Already Here

Purple Bricks, Zillow, and similar threats to our industry are coming to compete. These disruptors are expecting agencies to fight among ourselves. They’re not counting on us banding together to stop them.
We need to build our skills to become better and better; we need to generate leads ourselves, instead of just relying on third party sources that will hurt us in the end.
How will you build your skills in 2019? How will you generate a larger share of leads in-house to safeguard your business in the years to come?

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